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Your content matters.  Let us help.

Your website is your customers' first touch point and the #1 way potential customers learn about you. Unfortunately, it's also the area that many businesses ignore.  Don't let complicated, confusing, error-ridden content cost you prospects.  Let Matters of Grammar help you create clear, concise copy instead.  

From basic proofreading to full content writing, choose the level of engagement that you require.  With customizable editing services for your website, blog, newsletter, or anything else you can think of, we have a package to suit your needs (and budget!). See our services page for more information.  

You consult with professionals for everything else, don't let your online presence be the exception.  Your content matters. Let us help. 





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Your website is more than words on a page.  Make sure your content is tailored to your audience, and information is easy to understand.  Ensure consistency of tone from one page to the next.  Guarantee grammatical accuracy.

Opt for full content creation, copy editing of existing copy, or basic proofreading.  


Your blog is better received when it's free from error.  Ensure consistency throughout.  Eliminate spelling mishaps. Worry less about "your" and "you're". Verify the order and flow makes sense.

Opt for full content creation*, copy editing of existing copy, or basic proofreading.
*business only


Need help with your resume?  Want a second set of eyes on your paper?  Writing a book and need a copy editor?  Contact us for a quote on your specialized need.


for more details and pricing, visit our services page


Your newsletter can provide valuable information to your customers.  Make sure that information is accurate.   Simplify content.  Outsource the process to free up valuable time for critical business. 

Opt for full content creation, copy editing of existing copy, or basic proofreading.  


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