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How to Create Effective Titles

Let's not beat around the bush here - your title can make or break your entire piece.  It's the first thing a reader sees, your only chance at a good first impression.  Your title is what entices someone to click through and read further or scroll on past.

No pressure, right?  Lucky for you, following some easy tips can make your headline more effective and we're here to tell you what those are!

  1. Keep It Simple
    Wordy headlines aren't useful to catch someone's attention.  Say what you need to in as few words as you can.
  2. Be Specific
    Ignore those click-bait titles that don't tell you anything about what the post entails. Despite how many of them you may see on social media, they are NOT good at attracting readers.  Instead, create headlines that tell the reader exactly what they will find within. This post's title "How to Create Effective Titles", for example, provides the reader with an instant idea of what information they can expect to glean from exploring further.  
  3. Use Short Words
    A long word runs the risk of ending up hyphenated or in a line all by itself.  If you find yourself tempted to use a long word, try searching for synonyms instead.
  4. Be Unique
    Instead of naming each article by your company president as "President's Message", pull out some content from the body and create a headline around that. Numerous posts with similar titles will get lost and readers may assume they all contain the same information.
  5. Ask For Help
    We had to sneak this one in there.  If you're struggling with your title, ask for help!  That's exactly what an editor is there for.  Email us today at to get started.

We hope that helps! Let us know how changing up your title strategy affected your readership!